According to, Astralis and RFRSH Entertainment will go their separate ways and will not be associated in any way moving ahead.

Astralis earnings

RFRSH Entertainment has two professional teams under their banner, Astralis, and Origen. These teams will fall under a separate organization called “RFRSH Teams”. In an interview with HLTV, the CEO of RFRSH Entertainment, Nikolaj Nyholm stated that the organization would concentrate more on organizing tournaments and would be pulling away from their interest in professional teams. Additionally, an employee would not have duties relating to RFRSH Teams and RFRSH Entertainment.

The CEO added that following the StarLadder Major, both the sections would be completely separated and that this move and had been in the workshed for the last two years

The move comes after Astralis and RFRSH Entertainment have been accused of potential revenue splits and a conflict of interest as Astralis chose to skip multiple top tier events to attend BLAST Pro events around the world. The Danes have earned the nickname of “BLASTRALIS”, mainly seen on r/GlobalOffensive and other social networking sites.

However, Astralis has cited Device’s health issues in order to dodge all accusations of revenue splits with the organizing team, RFRSH Entertainment, of BLAST Pro events.

In the interview with HLTV, Origen and Astralis will see new investors in the future following excessive interest from investors looking to make moves in the esports scenario.


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