Asmongold returns to Twitch

Popular variety streamer Asmongold has returned to Twitch after an extended break from streaming to address issues surrounding his personal life and mental health.

The recent times saw Asmongold take several breaks from streaming, some planned while others, abrupt. This break was much needed for him to address several issues that were bothering him, and by the looks of things, his mind is finally in the right place.

During his hiatus from his main channel, Asmon was streaming on and off on his alternate channel where he announced that he will be back to stream Amazon’s New Word on his main from 28th September, i.e. tomorrow.

“be back to streaming for New World release,” he said.

His personal issues included his mom’s health and thankfully she’s doing “okay”, the streamer confirmed. Asmongold has been one of the most popular streamers on the platform and a constant source of entertainment and content for ages.

It is never bad to have someone like him back on the platform and hopefully his issues are resolved and we see him return in full force, streaming Amazon’s brand new game from tomorrow.