FACEIT has announced Asian Pro League, which opens it doors today and is available to every player in Asia across 20 countries! The league is created by the community leaders of Asian CS:GO, in joint effort with all the big local communities from every single country.

The Asian Pro League (APL) provides a platform for Asia’s best CS:GO players and budding pros to prove themselves, showcasing the skill and talent our continent has to the rest of the World.

Asian Pro League

To make sure everyone has the best ping, we’ve added both Hong Kong and Singapore servers to the league, offered in different divisions so you can play together with your neighbor countries without lag.

How does it work?

League is open to players of all levels, but is aimed at amateur and semi-professional players in Asia who are looking to break into the pro scene. Players compete in different divisions, determined by their FACEIT ranks. Over a month long season, points are allocated to individuals based on their win ratio. The system rewards players with talent and sportsmanship. The ultimate goal is to be invite into the coveted Pro Division.

The list of invited players has been released by CSGO2ASIA.

APL Pro Division ($1500 Prizepool per month, best professional teams and players invited, everyone can qualify through APL Div 1 of Hong Kong and Singapore)

APL Division 1 (7-10 FACEIT Skill Level, Singapore server, $250 Prizepool, Top 1 qualifies to APL Pro Div 1)

APL Division 2 (1-6 FACEIT Skill Level, Singapore server)

APL Division 1 (7-10 FACEIT Skill Level, Hong Kong server, $250 Prizepool, Top 1 qualifies to APL Pro Div 1)

APL Division 2 (1-6 FACEIT Skill Level, Hong Kong server)

What APL offers:

  • 128-tick rate server located in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Mandatory anti-cheat
  • Seasons and prizes
  • 24/7 Dedicated admins and moderators
  • Subscriptions support the growth of the Asian CS:GO scene
  • Inclusive multi-division league with the opportunity to rise in the ranks and join Asia’s best
  • $1500 in prize money for season 1

Inputs from the FACEIT Press Release