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Ash Ketchum Will Continue To Star in Pokemon Anime, Creators Confirm

Over the past few weeks, Pokemon fans around the globe have been speculating about the future of its long-standing protagonist, Ash Ketchum. The star started his journey from Pallet Town in Kanto region and despite facing hundreds of hurdles in his Pokemon journey, didn’t stop till he managed to become the Pokemon Champion in Pokémon Journeys.

Many fans believed that Ash’s journey as the series’ protagonist would be coming to an end, while some others also claimed that the Anime will be canceled altogether. However, none of that seems to be the case.

Future of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Journeys

Recently, YouTuber ThePokeRaf has provided Pokemon fans with an update on all the rumors that have been surrounding the franchise and its protagonist Ash Ketchum.

Luckily, it seems that Ash will continue being the lead in the Pokemon Anime, even after becoming the Pokemon Champion.

ThePokeRaf also provided a translated version of the company press release where Hiraoka Risuke, Director of Anime Business HQ at TV Tokyo, confirmed that the Anime will be continuing.

“We will be revealing information on how this adventure will turn out in future anime broadcasts,” he said.

This means that Pokemon fans can let out a sigh of relief as the Anime isn’t going anywhere, and neither is its star, Ash Ketchum.

Fans will be eagerly looking forward to season 9 of this iconic Anime to find out what adventures await Ash in the future.

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