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NewsApex LegendsRespawn patches accidental tap strafe nerf in Apex Legends

Respawn patches accidental tap strafe nerf in Apex Legends


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Yesterday, Apex Legends players around the world started struggling to tap strafe in the game. At first, numerous streamers, as well as pro players thought this might be a shadow nerf by the developers and started reporting the issue.

Later that day, the developers addressed the issue and released an official statement mentioning that it was an accidental nerf.

We’ve seen your reports about issues with tap strafing in @PlayApex after today and are looking into it.


During that time, players were only able to strafe till 90 degrees. Beyond that, the tap strafe was apparently futile. However, the developers have finally fixed the issue. Now you can tap strafe as usual in Apex Legends.

We just pushed a fix for this and things should be returning to normal shortly. Carry on, legends.


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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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