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Is Bangalore Leaving Apex Legends?

Apex Legends‘ history has been thoroughly crafted, with each Legend having its own backstory and motives for being in the game. We’ve just been exposed to some new characters who are intimately related to previous Legends. One of them is Maggie, who was an old buddy of Fuse before he decided to attend the game. Here’s all we know about Bangalore’s departure from Apex Legends.

The new season is coming soon and some teasers have been provided, with one of them appearing in-game while the Control LTM was still active. It displayed the new Legend’s outline as well as the caption, “The wait is over, he’s here!”

Other teasers for the next Apex Legends season have been issued on the official Apex Legends Twitter account, with the most recent one hinting at Bangalore’s departure from the game. There was a Story Event for Bangalore in which she interacted with Wraith (Renee), who informed her that her brother Jackson had died. Bangalore came to the game to find out what had happened to her brother, and now that she purportedly has an explanation, she wants to return home to her family. Revenant also offers to accompany her because his source code is also reported as being on the same planet, and because the voyage is long, it will be a one-way trip.

According to the graphic, Bangalore will exit the game and will no longer be a playable character. It doesn’t appear that Respawn will remove a Legend completely from the game because players prefer to invest in buying new Skins, Emotes, and so on or have spent their Heirloom Shards on earning her Heirloom, thus it seems highly unlikely that they will remove her.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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