Apex Legends Season 10 Release Date, New Legend, and More

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Apex Legends Season 10 is right around the corner with tons of fresh content headed our way. Players prepare to bid farewell to Season 9 which hasn’t exactly been an ideal one though it introduced Valkyrie that has been appreciated by the masses.

Season 9 had its fair share of problems, ranging from server overload to market crashes. Fans are overjoyed with Season 10 headed their way as it promises new content along with a new Legend like every season. Now that Respawn has confirmed a Nintendo port along with a mobile version, there was never a better time to be an Apex Legends player.

Apex Legends Season 10 – release date

With the 3 months long Apex Legends Season 9 starting on 4th May, a conclusion can be expected on 2nd August, given the little to no transition gap, Apex Legends Season 10 is expected to kick off on the 3rd of August.

Apex Legends Season 10 new Legend Pariah
Pariah – according to leaks from data miners

Apex Legends New Legend – Pariah

Valk’s abilities made her one of the more offensive Legends, hence Respawn might choose to balance things out with a Legend more suitable for support. Leaks had given us a brief idea about Pariah, as it is known to wield scouting abilities. Her abilities include a passive that lets her see opponent’s health, sonar grenades that let them scout areas for enemies, and an ultimate that makes them immune to stuns.

Arenas has been an interesting update from Season 9 that has improvements due and scheduled to come as part of Season 10. A plethora of minor map changes are imminent and a new map might be introduced.

However, the most interesting prospect of Season 10 will be a ranked mode, though exact details aren’t here but the next season will be an ideal time to drop it.

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