Apex Legends: Caustic Getting Buffed

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The Apex Legends developers are finally buffing Caustic in order to make it “terrifying” again. The last few months saw a bundle of gas nerfs that took away his close-range power. 

The battle royale’s Season 9 meta saw Caustic not being included in it because of his repetitive nerfs in the last few months. The developers of the game are now thinking of giving the character some buffs which will eventually lead to players picking him again.

Respawn has said that due to the recent updates around this agent, the pick rate has been dropped severely and it has also affected a lot of the players. 

Although one of the lead designers, Daniel Z. Klein spoke about how the agent is going to get buffed and what the developers are actually thinking in a Reddit thread. 

The designer also said that he wants to buff the character so that the players will be terrified of his gas again. All the Caustic mains are really happy to hear this news and will be waiting for the upcoming patches to go live. 

Respawn confirmed that all the sights for buffs and nerfs will be coming out in the next few Apex Legends patches.

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