A new contender is coming to the mobile battle-royale market as reports of Electronic Arts launching Apex Legends Mobile are emerging. In a recent development about the Apex Legends Mobile story, it was revealed that the game will be ‘soft launched’ in China in the next quarter with Japan following closely and now, another report states that the game is being developed by Chinese conglomerate Tencent.

Those who are familiar with mobile gaming know very well that Tencent is a household name when it comes to mobile games. The battle-royale genre games were dominated by PUBG Mobile which was completely developed by Tencent and soon afterwards, COD: Mobile was launched in to the market where Activision partnered up with Tencent for the development of this title.

A new report by IGN India has stated that Tencent would be developing Apex Legends Mobile with EA’s Respawn studio supervising the project. This information aligns with the fact that Apex Legends Mobile is said to be launched in China first and Tencent could be testing a stable build in their home country.

Apex Legends has been a hit in battle-royale games and as the trend has followed, any popular title coming to mobile market has been very popular since the very beginning. Games like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and now League of Legends: Wild Rift are considered the very best in their genre.

Tencent is also known for developing top notch games and if Apex Legends Mobile is being developed by them, it is safe to assume that the game will be launched with ample amount of features and a stable build. The beta testing of this game could start very soon and we might get to see the first look in the next few months.

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