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How to pre register for Apex Legends Mobile on Playstore

Respawn studios and Electronic Arts recently announced the arrival of Apex Legends Mobile in the mobile gaming market. This game was under development for the last couple of years and finally, the first round of beta testing is about to begin in some regions. Here is how you can pre register for the first round in India and Philippines.

India and the Philippines are included for the first closed beta testing. About a thousand players will gain access to the game in this phase and they will get the first hands-on trial on Apex Legends Mobile. This round will begin later this month but the pre-registration process has already started.

apex legends mobile pre register play store

Players who want to gain access to Apex Legends Mobile can pre-register themselves on the Google Play Store. iOS devices are not included in this phase and support for most eligible devices will be rolled out in the upcoming stages. Those who are interested in participating in the first round of closed beta testing can use the following steps to register themselves.

Steps to Pre Register for Apex Legends Mobile

  • Click here to visit the Apex Legends Mobile page.
  • Click on ‘pre-register’ to enroll yourself in the process.
  • If the prompt says that your device is not eligible, kindly wait for the next round of testing.

Many high-end devices are eligible for this testing but remember, the slots are restricted to a few thousand so some might miss out on the opportunity of trying the very first edition of Apex Legends Mobile.

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