Apex Legends Mobile is coming to India

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Electronic Arts has announced that the closed beta testing for Apex Legends Mobile are about to start with a limited number of early testers in two different regions. The testing for Apex Legends Mobile will begin later this month and the first regions to get their hands on this game are India and Philippines.

Electronic Arts has revealed this launch in a press release and gave some insights about the mechanisms of Apex Legends Mobile. This game has been one of the most awaited titles for the past couple of years and finally, the developers are releasing it in a contained environment.

Apex Legends Mobile is expected to follow the footsteps of other popular mobile battle-royale titles like PUBG Mobile and COD: Mobile which became popular instantly after their global launch. The closed beta testing was expected to be held in some other regions but the revelation is quite different.

Apex Legends Mobile was supposed to have a ‘soft launch’ in China in the summers and Japan was expected to be the next region on this list but actual story is quite different. The report states that Apex Legends Mobile will come to India and Philippines first and a closed beta testing with around one thousand players will be conducted this month.

Apex Legends is a versatile battle royale title in PC and has its own fan base in different regions. The game’s popularity was so high in Japan that the developers decided to make a Switch version of the game for that region. Apparently, it was expected that Apex Legends Mobile will be a cross-platform game but this announcement confirms that it will have its own matchmaking, away from PC and console players.

This is certainly an intriguing announcement for mobile game enthusiasts and it will be interesting to see how this game is transform to fit be compatible on a mobile device. The expected launch is later this month and the dates can vary slightly as no fixed schedule is released.

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