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Angry Birds Tweet Controversy Explained

Angry Birds, a ‘bird flinging’ game made by Rovio Entertainment is one the most played mobile games of all time. The game that became an instant hit after release has recently found itself amidst a controversy. Everyone was surprised when the Angry Birds’ official X handle reposted an explicit tweet.

The repost was quickly deleted but not quickly enough. Some X users had enough time to take screenshots of the repost, which were quickly shared around social media. As the screenshots shared on X depict, the repost from Angry Birds was about a person being overly affectionate with ‘Big Red’- a bird character from the game. The repost read ‘I used to j**k off to angry birds’ which enraged some parents and provided many an opportunity to take a dig at Angry Birds.

Angry Birds was quick to release an apology on their X handle, which received mixed reactions from the community. The apology read “We sincerely apologize for an unfortunate incident that occurred on our account. Recently, an inappropriate post was accidentally reposted from the account. This was a genuine mistake, and we deeply regret any harm it may have caused.”

Even after the apology, Angry Birds still had to face some criticism from the X users. A reply from the user @thefoster55555 read “I would like to know how that happened though. It’s not like with likes(button) where it’s only one tap. You have to press the RT (repost) button and then confirm it. How could it be an accident?”

This was a huge blunder by the admins of Angry Birds’ X handle. Although they have released the apology already, the damage has already been done. Wonder how Sega would react to this as they are the ones who have owned Rovio Entertainment since August 2023.

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