Andrew Tate denies ‘human trafficking’ allegations

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Andrew Tate at this point has become the most talked about personality on the Internet and for good reasons. There are many talking points when it comes to Tate, but it isn’t too difficult to understand why he has been on the receiving end of so many internet trolls.

The same internet trolls have taken it to the point where police has taken all the ‘human trafficking‘ allegations seriously and Tate is under investigation for the very same. However, he has strictly brushed off all the allegations and made it clear that he is far from whatever the internet claims him to be.

Andrew tate

 I was not arrested. What happened is I suffered from a case of swatting. It’s very popular with people who are largely on the internet. he said.

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It’s where you call the police and you say somebody has a gun or there’s a hostage situation, and the SWAT team arrives. Somebody made a phone call to the American Embassy saying I was holding women at my house, he added.

His previous actions have put him under the crosshair of internet trolls but faking allegations where authorities are getting involved can soon turn into something far more ugly.

Andrew Tate has been cleared by the police or so his statement indicates but more and more people are trolling him everyday which makes it increasingly difficult to dodge swatting.


Andrew Tate’s primary income “source is his online business, Hustler’s University, which the controversial influencer runs with his brother, Tristan Tate.

For the uninitiated, Hustler’s University is an online program that sells a range of courses on making money, getting with women, and connecting with other business-like-minded individuals.” according to GINX TV.

Trillionaire claims are outrageous for sure but let it be known, according to several financial websites, Tate is rated to be worth around $250 million making him $750 million away from becoming a Billionaire, let alone a Trillionaire.

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