InnerSloth’s murder-mystery party game Among Us is the newest trend in the world of online video games. From huge streamers to US Congresswoman AOC, Among Us has managed to garner the attention of fans worldwide over the past few weeks.

But this rise in popularity wasn’t free from bumps. The game experienced a sudden spike in the number of cheaters who ruined matches for other players to score some free wins.

A recent exploit that surfaced in Among Us enabled hackers to boot other players from the game while sending a threatening message from their accounts. This cheat, created by Eris Loris, evoked terror among several fans who resorted to Reddit to complain about the issue. Seems like the devs have responded.

“We’re are super duper aware of the current hacking issue and we’re looking into it,” the devs said on Twitter. “We will be pushing out an emergency server update so people who are in game will get kicked from games.“

InnerSloth also advised players to play the game only with trusted friends. Better to avoid public lobbies for now.

In the next few hours, the devs will push out an emergency server update which will likely fix the cheater problem that has been haunting the game for so long.