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AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 to feature 22,00,000 INR Valorant event for the South Asian region

The third installment of the uber-successful Skyesports Championship, AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0, has been announced. With Logitech G the gaming partner and WD Black the gaming storage partner, Skyesports Championship 3.0’s Valorant prefecture will boast a prize pool of 22,00,000 INR.

Apart from featuring the aforementioned purse for Valorant, the tournament has been expanded to include teams from the entire South Asian region, with regional qualifiers said to be played in four divisions – India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Maldives, (2 slots each), and Srilanka, Nepal and Bhutan (1 slot). The regional qualifiers will be played out in a best-of-three single-elimination knockout format, with the final being a best-of-five.

The also-rans of each region – Third-Placed teams from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Maldives, and the second-placed team from Srilanka, Bhutan and Nepal – will make their way to the Wildcard Qualifier, wherein the winner will join the 7 other teams already qualified for the AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Main Event.

The Indian Qualifiers will be played out on the Mumbai servers as will the Qualifier for the Srilanka, Nepal and Bhutan region. Bahrain is the choice of server for the Pakistan and Afghanistan Qualifiers while the Wildcard Qualifiers, and the Bangladesh and Maldives Qualifiers will be played out on Singapore servers.

The winner of the qualifiers from India and Pakistan and Afghanistan will pocket 2000$ each while the ones that reign supreme in the Bangladesh and Maldives Qualifier, as well as the Srilanka, Nepal and Bhutan Qualifier, will earn 1000$ each. The South Asian Finals will see the winners earn $21,000 while the runners-up are handed a 6,000$ reward. There are prizes reserved for third place ($2000) and the MVP of the entire event ($1000) as well.

The regional qualifiers will begin from the 8th of September, with the Main Event set to go live from the 2nd of October. The Finals will be played out in a unique best-of-three x best-of-five format over a span of three days from the 22nd of October, with a team required to win two best-of-fives to be crowned the Valorant Champions of AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0.

Skyesports will continue its path-breaking coverage of the entire event, streaming the same in nine regional languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, Bengali and Punjabi – across their YouTube Channel and on their Facebook page.

The registrations for the event opens up from the 18th of August, 1800 IST (6 pm) for players all across the aforementioned regions.

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