After Epic Games, Sony rumored to offer free AAA games to PS Plus subscribers

From today, Sony is offering PlayStation Plus subscribers a free copy of Call Of Duty: WWII as part of its Line-up for June 2020 games. Its a bit odd, as May hasn’t ended yet, but the Japenese giant made the early announcement about the game through its official Twitter account. The game will be available on the store starting today throughout June 2020.

The tweet also states that the other PS4 game which will be a part of the line-up will be revealed later this week. And according to some rumours going around, the next game will be Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, one of the best PS4 exclusives ever.

Gamers on Reddit were quick to spot the game on the PlayStation Store with a small PS Plus logo next to it, and the price set to free.

Although the screenshot may seem like pretty solid evidence but do keep in mind that there is a glitch in servers where any new game that is added to PS Now is shown with a PS Plus logo on the store with a free price tag. And only recently was Marvel’s Spider-Man added to PS Now. So this may be the work of that same glitch.

It’s still possible that we may get Spider-Man as a free game as Sony’s big Days of Play sale is starting soon and they might try to lure in more gamers to spend money on the sale by offering Spider-Man for free. In fact, even if Spider-Man doesn’t come to PS Plus next month, it will most probably go on sale and will be available for cheap for everyone to pick.