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Indian Esports: Advent of a Revolution

Indian Esports will see a revolution this coming February. The Indian Gaming league well set foot in its processions from the 1st of February as the registrations start.

Indian esports

Who are the founders and how credible are they?

In an advent to revolutionize the slow and faded Indian eSports, Yash Pariani and Kirsh Galani, took it on themselves to present the nation with the Indian Gaming League. A lot of controversy usually follows up right after any such gaming tournament or league, mainly due to the failure of execution or bad event planning, but this event might be the much needed turnaround for Indian eSports, as Krish Galani, who is a co-founder, has successfully established America’s first all females pro league for Call of Duty. So the expectations and stakes are high from this one.

What is it?

It is an e-Sports league which will follow the same format as Indian Premier League. The players will be funded and equipped by their buyers with a salary of Rs 15,000 each. The league will pursue online and offline play, as the hardware and consoles will be provided by the co-founders.

What games will it cover?

It will cover Counter Strike and DOTA 2 online, and FIFA offline. There will be weekly offline events at Hoppipola (Khar and Powai outlets) for the online league. FIFA will see monthly events at the Intercontinental Hotel, Marine Drive.

Who are the buyers?

The founders have denied any information about the potential buyers, however they have revealed that a few celebrities have shown their support to the gaming community.

The buyers names will still not be revealed until the first month of the league finishes. The IGL will see backing from brands like Sony, PayTM and RedBull which has the founders complying that they will be able to provide significant financial returns to the gamers.

What do the co-founders forsee?

While providing financial support to the gamers, the struggle will seem quite worth it. The founders believe that beyond financial gains, the elite level gamers in India will want to be recognized credible when entering more professional leagues worldwide. The variety of the games included will be widened soon, so as to provide a better platform for maximum gamers out there.

While there are mainly most of the companies struggling to develop a surviving ecosystem, events like this would surely be creating a huge impact in the current market size. Participating brands such as Sony and PayTM will also be gaining much of traction from the niche competitive gaming market potential. We will be able to update you more on this as we hear directly from the organizers.

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