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4 Reasons Why Esports Have Become Immensely Popular

The esports industry has grown exponentially and it is now worth more than 1 billion dollars. But why? That’s what we hope to answer in our article today.

Esports have become the latest phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Experts are predicting that this branch of video gaming will be worth nearly 2 billion dollars in 2022 and this exponential growth doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.

Despite people initially sneering that esports aren’t real sports, now there seems to be no question that they are. But what exactly has led esports to become immensely popular? Why are people suddenly so interested?

We hope to answer these questions in our article today. Continue reading to find out more!

1) Increased Accessibility

It is easier than ever before to access video games. We can play on anything from our computers and smartphones to tablets and consoles. With so many different devices to choose from, people who previously were unable to afford games consoles can now participate. Mobile Gaming is particularly great for accessibility, as most titles are free to download or cost less than 20 bucks.

As well as this, contestants for esports tournaments don’t need to travel across the globe to participate. They can do so from their home, which means that becoming a professional player is within most people’s price range.

2) Fiercely Loyal Community

People have always been massively invested in sports like football and baseball. However, over the past couple of years, video games have grown in popularity and prevalence. The gaming community is arguably just as big as the sporting community now. As a result, the culture of sports is being replicated in esports. Fan clubs and news sites have been created; live casino operators have started offering esports as part of their services. You can even purchase the merchandise for certain esports teams and games. As such a passionate community has formed around esports, the industry has grown exponentially.

3) More Inclusive

Esports has also become increasingly popular because they could be considered more inclusive than traditional sports. To become a professional athlete, you need physical prowess. A body type which can easily put on weight and muscle. Strong lungs and a good heart.

Unfortunately, this means that people who are not able-bodied struggle to become professional athletes who earn enough to sustain their lifestyle. People with a poorer metabolism or different body type also struggle. However, pretty much anyone can get involved with esports. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. There will be opportunities for you to compete either way. As a result, esports have been lauded for being an inclusive alternative to real-life sports.

4) Better Quality Games

Video games used to have laughably bad graphics. The characters looked like a couple of polygons stuck together haphazardly, with pointy arms and heads. Long gone are those days. Now, video games have high-quality animations and photorealistic graphics. Sometimes, it is even difficult to tell the difference between real life and a game advertised on TV.

As the visuals are much better, it is easier to become embroiled in the action of esports tournaments. In addition to this, video games are higher performance these days. Powerful consoles like the PS5 allow players to enjoy gaming with the optimal amount of FPS (frames per second).

Furthermore, internet connectivity has far advanced. Hosting esports competitions used to be impossible because of dodgy Wi-Fi across seas. Lag is no longer a problem, so professional players are now able to compete against one another in real-time.

These are some of the main reasons why esports have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. We are excited to see where this new avenue of gaming takes us.

Prashant Shankar
Prashant Shankar
Electronics engineer, CSGO & cricket enthusiast. Excited to see where content writing takes me.
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