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16 Year Old in Madhya Pradesh Dies After Playing PUBG For 6 Hours Straight

In yet another shocking PUBG related incident, a class XII student from Madhya Pradesh died after suffering a cardiac arrest while playing the multiplayer game continuously for 6 hours.

Furqan Quereshi, a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Nasirabad, was visiting his hometown Neemuch for the marriage of his cousin where he played the game continuously from 12:30pm-6:30 pm on Thursday despite his parents scolding him when the teenager had a cardiac arrest. The attack has been attributed to a sudden, but deep shock due to bursts of excitement and fear generally seen in tight football and cricket games.

“Furqan suddenly started shouting ‘blast it, blast it’ and ‘Ayan tune mujhe harwa diya aur marwa diya, ab mai tere saath nahi kheloonga’ (Ayan you have made me lose the game and life, I won’t play with you again). He subsequently started complaining of an acute headache and slumped on the bed,” Fiza, the eldest of the two sisters told Indian Express.

“On hearing Fiza shout for help we rushed to the room and found Furqan lying unconscious. We rushed him to cardiologist Dr Ashok Jain in Neemuch town, but the doctor declared our son dead on arrival,” said his father Haroon Rashid Qureshi.

“Only two weeks ago, I snatched his cell-phone over his habit of playing the online game which was having a negative effect on his academic and sports activities. He left food for 2-3 days forcing his mother to convince me to return the phone, after which Furqan promised to play the game only for half an hour daily,” said the father, who has appealed to the Narendra Modi government to ban the game.

In a recent report, the World Health Organization has declared that gaming disorder is indeed a thing and addiction can cause mental health conditions.


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