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100 Thieves cruise past FUT Esports in VCT Masters Shanghai

100 Thieves Cruise to Victory, Sending FUT Esports to Lower Bracket

In the first round of the VCT Masters Shanghai playoffs, 100 Thieves easily sailed past FUT Esports, winning 2-0. As 100T progresses into the next round of the playoffs, FUT Esports will have to fight through the lower brackets to progress further where a single loss would see them head out of the tournament.


  • FUT ban Breeze
  • 100T ban Lotus
  • FUT pick Icebox
  • 100T pick Bind
  • FUT ban Split
  • 100T ban Sunset
  • Ascent remains

100 Thieves’ unwavering defence kept FUT from even attempting to plant the spike until the ninth round. After 100 Thieves won the pistol they took an early lead that they compounded upon to build an insurmountable 11-1 scoreline in the first half alone. The scoreline was far too out of reach for FUT to even attempt a comeback as 100T quickly closed the round letting only one more round slide.

FUT managed to get a few rounds on the board in the first half as barely kept 100T data bay despite being at a 4-round deficit. Once switching sides, 100T shifted to a higher gear letting only a single round slip and closing the map with a 13-5 scoreline.

100 Thieves will play in the next round of playoffs while FUT has to fight their way through the lower bracket where a single loss would lead to elimination.

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