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10 Reasons why DreamHack Delhi Invitational is the place to be

We are less than 48 hours away from DreamHack Delhi Invitational 2019 and the enthusiasts are waiting in anticipation of the spectacle that will light up the NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Okhla Industrial Area.

There is an array of disciplines where participants can duel with each other for a handsome pocket change while the main attractions like CSGO have professional teams competing for the lion’s share of a 55,000 USD prize pool.

DreamHack Delhi is an event for all facets of the gaming community. We enlist a few reasons why DreamHack Delhi Invitational 2019 is a must-attend for you.

BYOD events

DreamHack have, in addition to BYOC events, have introduced BYOD events for the first time in India for the Delhi Invitational. The category features popular disciplines like FIFA 20 and Rocket League, both of which can be played on consoles.

Apart from the console games, BYOD participants have access to Dota Underlords, Clash Royale, Mobile Legends and Brawl Stars, all of which are games that are playable through your mobile devices. All of the games have handsome prizes that the BYOD participants can fight for.

Get a feel of the old and the new

The BYOC events feature an array of intriguing disciplines for pariticpants to take part, have fun and also win prize money while at it. But, the highlight is the contrast in the games available.

While Rainbow Six-Siege is a game that is gaining popularity and just had a very successful event in ESL India Fall Season, the likes of Dota Underlords and Rocket League are games that have built their own niche community in the country.

The highlight, as mentioned above though, is the presence of both CSGO and CS 1.6 along with Dota 2 at BYOC. Fans of the game can have a feel of nostalgia with 1.6 and a sense of ecstacy playing Dota 2 after the game-changing Outlanders Update. Not to mention the prize money at grabs in each discipline.

Mouthful CSGO action featuring international teams

Yalla Esports and Goliath Gaming have so far been confirmed to be attending DreamHack Delhi Invitational 2019. Along with the two teams, Lucid Dream has managed to qualify for the event through the Indian Online Qualifier.

Hellraisers and pro100 have been added to the list. The main attraction though is set to be Orgless Five, the Indian stack that grabbed the spot through the ESL INDIA Fall Season Finale.

With the teams set to be divided into two groups and set to face each one in their own group twice in a RO2 Round Robin format, Orgless Five going up against the foreign talent will be quite a spectacle.

Fans can cheer them on as the Indian stack attempt to emulate or even better the performance from Signify at DreamHack Mumbai Invitational.

Cosplay Competition

Cosplay competition is the staple of every Major event in esports disciplines. The Indian Cosplayers have already gained a lot of reputation after a stellar show of talent at TI 9.

DreamHack Delhi Invitational 2019 will have its own Cosplay competition on all 3 days of the event, with a daily prize of INR 50,000. There are international cosplayers that would be present at the event as guest judges in what is set to be an enthralling display of skills from cosplayers.

Subscribe to Nostalgia with Retro and Tabletop Games

Who doesn’t love to live the past, eh? Most of the attendees would have a memory of playing the arcade, tabletop games along with Retro disciplines. To top it off, you can also win prizes for being the best at the games that will be available.

Get your favourite Merchandise and Represent your favourites

There has always been a gap between the favourite brands and teams in Esports and the availability of original jerseys in India. Avoid paying shipping fees and get it right from the Merchandise section at DreamHack Delhi.

You can get your hands on team jerseys, miscellaneous apparels, toys, plushies and more at the event.

Stand-up Comedy

While the list of comedians attending the event is yet to be announced, comedy has become a staple of everyone’s lives and the Indian Comedy scene has been on the up and up for a while.

Expect some lip-smacking comedy to lighten your moods and give a different taste at DreamHack. Expect top names to entertain the crowd.

Streamer Zone and Meet and Greets

A lot of popular streamers and personalities have already been confirmed at the event. PUBG Mobile star Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur has been invited to the event while there are many others who have confirmed their attendance. Meet your favourite Indian streamers and personalities from the world of Youtube and Twitch.

Device Modding

A niche that has gained so much popularity in India, of late. Put your PC modding skills to the test, with a total prize pool of INR 100,000 up for grabs over the three days of the event.

You can even bring your already modded PC to the BYOC and it will qualify for the event or you can assemble it on the spot.

Know the business side of Esports

Most of the attendees would be unaware of the Business that is Esports. Learn the business side of it as you learn more and more about this aspect and quench your thirst for the same.

There are lots more in store for you at DreamHack Delhi. Hurry on in and get your tickets for the event.

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