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How to Report Players in MultiVersus?

It has been quite some time since MultiVersus was launched for PC and hackers did not waste a moment to ruin the competitive integrity of the game as at every level of the game, the matches remained plagued with cheaters more often than not.

As things are, MultiVersus does not offer any way to report players in-game so if you want to clean up the game, you have to go through an extra few steps which are as follows.

How to report players in MultiVersus?

  • Make your way to the MultiVersus website.
  • Click on the Support option in the top right corner.
  • Fill out the boxes on “Submit a request.”
  • Make sure to include media, a photo, or a video of the incident where the player was using unfair means.
  • Submit the request and wait for Player First Games to take action.

While reporting players in the game may seem like an additional step it will help keep the game free of cheaters in the long run. No one would like the competitive integrity of their game to be ruined by hackers so even though it may not be beneficial right away, reporting will help the devs keep the cheaters at bay to some extent.

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