What is WiniOS Zero BGMI?

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The BGMI community recently was recently exposed to a whole new realm of cheating and hacking that fraudsters use to gain advantage in the game.

Due to the case of Saggy hacking on-stream, it was revealed that some hacks exist that players can use to cheat in the game while streaming or recording a normal screen. The name of the hack used was WiniOS Zero BGMI and here is more information about it.

BGMI developers are always using innovative techniques to put an end to hacking in their game and while some of these techniques may have been helpful in eradicating a large number of hackers, there are still some users that purchase such illegitimate services to cheat in BGMI.

One of such service provider goes by the name of WiniOS Zero. It is a marketplace for applications where players can purchase modified applications and cracked versions with a subscription-based payment module.

This service came into limelight after Saggy, a professional BGMI player from Enigma Gaming, was caught using the application. In a clip from his stream, it can be seen that he was using an application called “WiniOS Zero” to hack in BGMI.

WiniOS is popular for its PUBG Mobile and BGMI hacks and users can purchase a subscription plan at 30$ per year and get other cracked applications along with the BGMI hack. The application has following features according to a website called ConsideringApple:

  • Pro Esp
  • Antiban Menu
  • No Recoil
  • Magic Bullet
  • Bullet Track
  • Lock Enemy
  • Fast Bullet
  • Fast Landing
  • Esp Hide Recorder
  • Skins Hack
  • Reset guest id (unlimited)

One of these features called “Esp Hide Recorder” is presumably the function used by Saggy to hide his illegitimate actions.

We do not encourage any readers to use such applications as they may lead to a permanent ban by Krafton officials. This article is purely meant to be for informative purpose only.

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