Top 5 teams to look out for in Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Season 1

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India’s biggest esports event is about to commence and all esports enthusiasts are looking to cheer their favorite teams who will be competing for the massive prize pool and champions title. A total of 24 teams will be competing in the 3-week-long event that qualified through the BMOC Round 4 qualifiers.

To date, Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Series 1 holds the record for the highest prize pool for an esports event. The teams will compete for a mammoth prize pool of ₹2 Crore. BMPS Season 1 is split into two-phase starting on 19th May and ending on 12th June.

We have brought you the list of top 5 teams to look out for in the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Season 1 based on their performance in the recently finished BMOC 2022.

1. Global Esports

The fighting spirits of the team are high and the squad stood in with their call sign “GE Fighting”. Global Esports was the team that took the highest points amongst all the teams competing in the BMOC Round 4. BMOC 2022 was their first official tournament where the team excelled well and made their way through the BMPS 2022 Season 1.

Active Roster

  • Aj
  • Jokerr
  • Manya
  • NakuL
  • Rony

2. OR Esports

OR Esports is the home to India’s most experienced esports player of Battlegrounds Mobile India. These players know the details of the game that helped them to make theirs in the BMPS 2022 Season 1. OR Esports was the top finishing team in the BMOC 2022 Round 4 Group 3 overall standings.

Active Roster

  • Anto
  • Jelly
  • Aditya
  • Attanki
  • Aaru

3. Team Soul

Team Soul is one of India’s oldest esports teams that has witnessed the glory of winning esports events in the past years. And it looks like, the new squad had made their way to bring those moments back for their fans. Under the guidance of Soul Sid, manager of the squad, the team has been performing well in recent events.

Active Roster

  • Omega
  • Goblin
  • Hector
  • AkshaT
  • Viper
  • Mortal

4. Big Brother Esports

Big Brother Esports was one of the teams invited to the BMOC 2022 Round 4 phase. The team stood at the second spot in the overall standings with a total of 81 points. The players hold a great potential to be in the top spots of the BMPS Season 1.

Active Roster

  • HeLLGod
  • ScreaM
  • Aaron16
  • BeasT
  • XenOpiiee

5. Team XO

This squad has got the title of “Most Consistent Team” by their fans. Team XO has won various third-party events with some famous esports players in the squad such as Snax, Punkk, and many more. The team now aims to lift the BMPS Season 1 trophy.

Active Roster

  • Punkk
  • Fierce
  • Snax
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