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Top 5 Players from BMOC The Grind

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BMOC The Grind was a very successful event for the organizers as well as teams that participated as we got to see new champions and faces in the leaderboards along with the veterans showing their presence. The management kept a track of top players throughout this tournament and here are the players that influenced this tournament the most.

The official top five rankings is as follows and Ninja from TSM India was shining on the top with close to 50 kills of his own. The other four players are shown below:

Lets take a look at each of these players and their individual performances.

1. TSM NinjaJOD

Ninja attached “Jod” at the end of his name which is equivalent to god and his plays were definitely godly in BMOC The Grind. He has decent number of kills but his overall impact on game via pure firepower was much more than the stats show.

His damage was close to 11,000 throughout this tournament with a survival time of around 20 minutes. This means that he was alive until the very end for most of the matches and rained down bullets on his opponents. This dominance makes him the best player in BMOC 2022 The Grind.


AKOP is a relatively new player that is making a name for himself alongside stars like Jonathan and Ninja. He was second on this list and grabbed a total of 43 kills in this tournament.

He belongs to Orangutan and can be considered as the most influential players from this roster at The Grind. AKOP is close to Ninja with a small gap to bridge in terms of damage dealt.

3. OR Aditya

Readers familiar to the PUBG Mobile esports scene must know the name of Aditya as he was one of the rising players on the Team Xspark roster. He was later picked by Team Orange Rock and has proved why he was such a big hit two years ago.

Aditya is back to the kill leaderboards with 50 kills of his own, making him the highest in terms of just frag count. His other stats are impressive as well. Orange Rock did capitalize on their firepower but fell short of the top spot by a few points.

4. GL Jonathan

Jonathan does not need an introduction as he is still considered to be one of the best talents that India has ever produced. Jonathan and team GodLike did not have their best run in this tournament but individually, Jonny did not forget to leave a mark.

His team ended their run in The Grind on the tenth spot but still, Jonathan was one of the top five players in this tournament. He secured a total of 39 kills with other decent statistics.

5. Soul Goblin

Goblin has been a phenomenon since Team Soul hired a new roster a few months back. He has surprised the entire fan base as well as community by his pure mechanical skills and aggressive gameplay. Goblin is always seen on the forefront of teamfights that Team Soul takes and due to this reason, he is one of the best players at The Grind.

Team Soul faced turbulence in the grand finals but still, they managed to climb back to the second spot on the final day. Goblin is certainly a huge contributor to the success of Team Soul and has a bright future in competitive BGMI.

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