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Top 5 Free Fire characters in 2021

Free Fire has some interesting in-game modes which add an element of freshness to the game as compared to any other titles in the battle royale genre. The game modes are somewhat unique and require different strategies and micro-mechanisms. To win modes like Clash Squad in Free Fire, there are things you should know before heading into the matches and one of the important things is character selection. Free Fire has a big pool of characters where new additions and general tweaks are frequently made to keep the uniqueness alive and not set a standard meta in the game. These characters have their own kit of skills that can be used in-game to gain advantages over the enemies in certain situations.

All the characters are built differently but there are some who stand out of the crowd. Some characters are very easy to learn and once you know how to use their active and passive skills, the games match much easier.

For a mode like Clash Squad where four players face a similar squad in a round of seven matches, there are some characters that can help you win the games more easily. In a set of seven matches, you have to win four of them to get that Booyah and claim the victory. This mode has its own ranking system and hence, picking the right character is very important.

Best Free Fire Characters for Clash Squad

DJ Alok

This is one of the best characters to ever get introduced in Free Fire. It is based on a real-life DJ and has some interesting set of abilities that can make you invincible if you play him correctly.

His active ability is known as Drop the Beat in which he surrounds himself with an aura which increases the ally speed by 10% and also restores 5 HP per second for a total duration of 5 seconds. This ability can be maxed up to last for a maximum of 10 seconds.

It provides a lot of sustainability for your team and hence, if you prefer to play with your friends or your squad, this character is a perfect fit for you.


K is the latest addition to the pool of characters in Free Fire. This character was a result of a unique collaboration between Free Fire and DJ KSHMR. This character offers much more than others on the list.

He has two skill modes in which, the active skill grants the allies within a 6m radius get a 500% increase in the EP conversion rate and the passive ability restores 2 EP every 3 seconds and once the bar reaches a total of 100 EP, the active skill can be used.

Captain Booyah or K is always one of the best choices to ever take in to the battlefields hence do no hesitate to try him in your matches.


Jai is the a character based on Bollywood actor Hritik Roshan and is a SWAT trained agent according to Free Fire. This Delhi based character has an odd ability known as Raging Reload.

This ability reloads the gun by 30% with each takedown and can be maxed up to 45%. It helps the players who look out for action and if you are hunting for blood and like to rain down bullets on your enemies, you should opt for Jai.

Jai is probably the best option for aggressive players as the reloading skill provides large amount of ammunition in combats and if your aim is on point, you can dominate the Clash Squad using Jai.


This character is termed as a legendary samurai and has some different skills which make him stand out. His passive ability is known as Bushido and it grants an increased armor penetration by 7.5% with every 10% decrease in maximum HP. The armor penetration can reach a maximum of 10% when the character is fully maxed out.

Hayato is again one of the characters which can be used to make risky plays which are necessary to win matches in Clash Squad. If you are confident about your skills, his skills can greatly assist you to take down the enemies.


This character is slightly different than others on the list. If you like to play as a support to your team and assist them in the fights, using Kapella is your best choice. Her abilities increases the healing effect by 10% and the HP lost by allies is reduced by 20%. Overall, these skills will provide you with the sustainability and tenacity required to face enemies using aggressive characters.

This is our list of top five characters that can help you win the Clash Squad mode very easily. Let us know if this helped you in any way. We wish you good luck.

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The Crew
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