Team Udog India releases their BGMI Players

Considering the recent controversies associated with their BGMI lineup. The management of UDog India has carried out an internal investigation which concluded that no malicious actions were carried out by players. However, the management decided to discontinue the player’s service.

During the investigation it was found that the POV of player Kishu was not provided to the Tournament Organizer as requested, it was informed by the player that the POV was recorded but DID NOT get saved due to lack of storage space in his device. However, a careful examination of the POV provided by Rambo shed light on the below points to the management.

  • Kishu has misinformed the management about the storage space and POV availability.
  • Dev was the player who was playing in Kishus account and there is no valid reason provided why he didn’t login from his own account. Moreover, he failed to provide the POV.

Although, The players did not practice any unethical or malicious activities and showcased the legitimacy of their talents live or on record multiple times. However, failure to follow the rules and regulations of the tournament and stipulations of their contracts lead to the management’s decision to discontinue their service.

Recently, Soul Sid reacted to Team Udog’s suspension in the ongoing Villager Esports Winter Masters. As a result, the team got suspended from the event. Presently, the grand finals are taking place where a total of 16 teams are competing. Villager Esports Winter Masters features a prize pool of 15,00,000 INR which will be distributed among the top five teams of the grand finals.