Rainbow Six Siege Mobile announced

Rainbow Six Mobile to Begin Soft Launch in August
The highly anticipated mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Mobile, is all set for a soft launch in August.

Ubisoft Entertainment have revealed their first-person tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege would be making it to mobile devices, the French gaming company announced today on their Twitter handle.

Initially, Rainbow Six Siege was launched for the most stipulated platforms like PC and PlayStation but with the universe of Esports expanding over to Mobile Gaming, it seems that Ubisoft were episode to introduce their most famous shooter on Mobile devices. 

Six Siege is a unique blend of FPS teamwork and player abilities dubbed as the “Operators” who would use their gadgets and other environment breaking features to shift tides over upon their opponents only to not choke and fall for the same.

Matches are expected to be shorter than the PC and other Console versions as R6S Mobile will have matches played based upon a 3-map affair. At launch, a smaller pool of maps and agents will be made available until further updates.

Classic map locations like Bank and Border are rumored to feature in this mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege.

rainbow six siege mobile gameplay

“Earlier today, we announced that our team has been working on a new title called Rainbow Six Mobile. We hold this project dear to our hearts and we are happy to share more details about our game in this first blog post.

Let’s start from the beginning. It’s no secret we are HUGE Rainbow Six Siege fans! Our vision is to bring the Rainbow Six universe to mobile, enabling more people worldwide to enjoy this competitive, tactical, and immersive FPS experience whenever and wherever they want.

We feel very lucky that the mobile market has evolved to the point where we can develop such an ambitious game that we love to play.”

So far, Ubisoft have revealed that several game modes would be introduced at launch as the development team would be working on constant updates for overall stability.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is designed for iOS and Android and now joins Apex Legends and Call Of Duty: Warzone which are to be launched on the Mobile Platforms. 

“After over 3 years of development, we felt it was the right moment to announce the game and start testing with real players. Our objective is to develop the best R6 experience on mobile, and we can only do that with the community’s help. And honestly, the team can’t wait to get our game into players’ hands!

In the upcoming weeks, we will start running the first of many live tests and will be asking for your feedback on how we can improve the game. You can already sign up on our website for information on the upcoming closed alpha.

You can also follow us on Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to get all the latest updates about Rainbow Six Mobile and chat with our devs and Community Managers,” the developers expressed in a press release.

A release date has yet to be determined and announced by Ubisoft, but if you’re for a beta participation invite, you may go ahead and register to play before launch.

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