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PUBG Mobile India: Social Media account posts deleted

The social media handles of PUBG Mobile are undergoing some changes as a majority of photos and videos uploaded on their Facebook and Instagram accounts have either been deleted or archived. These accounts now host a single clip of the PUBG Mobile India trailer.

PUBG Mobile India is making several changes in their social media presence in the past few days. This development came into limelight when it’s official YouTube channel posted several clips of the pre-existing trailer which were made private shortly afterwards. This was followed with a report that the name PUBG Mobile India might be changed as well.

A discord announcement confirmed this change and PUBG Mobile India renamed its prominent social media handles to Battlegrounds Mobile India. A new creative-asset was also discovered on its website with a similar name change.

The PUBG Mobile India Instagram handle had hundreds of posts from the last couple of years before the game was banned. These accounts were renamed to PUBG Mobile India when the localized version was announced but the entire feed was never deleted or archived before.

PUBG Mobile India could be undergoing a rebranding process with a complete change to ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’. The links to social media handles are already changed and this account reset might be a part of the process.

A big announcement regarding the launch of PUBG Mobile India is expected from the fan base and these changes are creating a new hype. The officials have not addressed some of these changes explicitly.

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