MLBB New Hero Paquito Release Date

MLBB Paquito

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the most varied MOBA title in mobile gaming market. It offers the players with so much of variety and with each new addition, the ever-rising pool of heroes keeps on increasing. After Mathilda, now Paquito is in the line to get released in MLBB very soon.

Paquito is a hero based on Filipino Boxer Manny Pacquiao and it has already been added to the advanced servers of MLBB. Although the official release date of this hero is not known, some leaks have revealed shed some light on it.

According to Cincang Esports MLBB, Paquito will be released in normal servers by January 2021. A confirmed date or official release has not been given yet but MLBB fans can expect this hero to come out by January.

Paquito will be a fighter hero and his skill kit is given below, as per MLBB Fandom Wiki:

Champ Stance (Passive): Paquito build stacks when damaging enemies with his Basic Attacks or casting skills. Once this stack reaches 4, he enters Champ Stance: enhancing Paquito’s next skill and skipping its cooldown. Paquito excels in his technique, and has a higher Attack Speed. However, each of his Basic Attacks only deals (+80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Paquito gains Movement Speed by 30% for 2 seconds after casting the enhanced skill.

Parry: Paquito can Parry for up 2 seconds, reducing his damage taken by 30% / 32% / 34% / 36% / 38% / 40% and increasing Movement Speed by 30%. Use Again: throws forth a heavy blow, dealing 220 / 240 / 260 / 280 / 300 / 320(+60% Total Physical Attack)Physical Damage.

Jab: Paquito dashes forth and throws a jab, dealing 420 / 480 / 540 / 600 / 660 / 720 (+120% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to all enemies within area of effect.

Annihilation Strike (Ultimate): Paquito launches an elbow strike to all enemies in front, dealing 125 / 150 / 175 (+105% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and pushing them to the destination. He then swings a haymaker at rapid speed, dealing 400 / 500 / 600 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and slowing targets by 75% for 1 second, as he darts backward.

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