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MLBB 515 Party Box Event: Get free skins

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is conducting their yearly MLBB 515 event which awards the player base with free skins every year. This time, players can use the tickets to get a guaranteed free skins and also complete other tasks to get more skins and other rewards. This event will be called ‘Party Box’ event and a few details have been revealed.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a huge pool of heroes and each one of them has exquisite skins in their arsenal. Moonton creates new skins regularly and they are added to the game. Players can buy these skins by using diamonds but for those who do not want to spend any money, they can participate in such events to earn free rewards.


The Party Box event comes under the 515 eparty in MLBB. Players need to complete several tasks from 15th to 17th May to earn 515 Racecar tokens. These tokens will be used to redeem Twilight tickets. There are two kinds of twilight tickets in this event.

The normal Twilight Ticket could be obtained by completing these tasks and exchanging the 515 Racecars. When the normal twilight ticket is used for the first time, players will get a guaranteed Elite tier skin. Players can also earn more skins by making five draws at the same time.

An advanced Twilight Ticket will also be present in this event. Players who wish to spend their money can buy these tickets by using diamonds. They can use these tickets to unlock an Epic tier skin. A guaranteed skin will be awarded if five draws are made at once.


This event will be live from 11th May to 20th May and players can participate in it to get free rewards. Make sure to login to the game and complete simple tasks to earn a free skin through this event.

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