Jonathan discusses GodLike’s poor performance in BGMI; mentions that team is demotivated

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Jonathan, one of the star players from GodLike Esports BGMI roster, recently discussed about the team’s poor performance on one of his streams. He discussed some points and mentioned that the main reason for this slump is due to the lack of motivation within the team.

GodLike Esports is a massive esports roster in India and acquired the old roster of TSM India that has been representing them since the last year. The roster comprising of Jonathan, Clutchgod, Zgod and Neyoo was known as the most dominant team in India before PUBGM was banned.

This roster was also performing incredibly after the the launch of BGMI in India but recently, the team has been choking on pivotal moments and leading to early knockouts and ultimately, performing poor in tournaments.

GodLike Esports will be playing in the last round of BMOC and Jonathan was unsure about their performance in this crucial moment as well. Although the team needs to get to the top six slot, it seems to be a hefty task with the ongoing slump period.

The major reason for this lack in performance is apparently due to lesser morale and motivation within the team, which also makes Jonathan a little demotivated, as per one of the clips from his stream.

Jonathan was also asked if he will be changing teams due to this drop in performance but he stated that he will not be leaving the GodLike roster under any circumstances and will stick with the team through its good and bad phases.

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