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How to recover your lost Free Fire account in Free Fire Help Centre

Free Fire is a popular mobile battle-royale game which has garnered millions of players worldwide. Garena are the developers of this game and they always look for ways to help and support their community. Players can face different kinds of issues concerned with the operations of Free Fire. These issues can vary from in-game bugs, payment failures, hackers and account recover as well.

Garena set up a special website to help players solve the problems they may face while playing Free Fire. There are many troubleshooting methods which are self-explanatory. You can directly visit the website and make a quick search about your problem. Find the relevant solution and it will help you solve various things.

Players can also report hackers they encounter in the matches. There is a report system where players can provide description, user ID and proofs about hacking as well to help developers tackle with the hacking problem.

How to recover lost account in Free Fire

One of the prominent issues in Free Fire is losing your account. Players who do not access their accounts for longer period of time may face issues while logging in to their account. There are some methods enlisted on the help desk which can help you protect your account but there is only one way to recover it.

Players can recover their Free Fire ID by resetting the Facebook account password and relogging in to the game. You can follow the steps given below to do so.

  • Visit Facebook and click on ‘Forgot Password’. Fill in all the details and reset the password.
  • Open Free Fire and try logging in using Facebook. It will ask for your new password and after entering it, you can access your account linked with Facebook.

There is no way to recover an account which is not linked with Facebook. Players who have Guest ID and somehow lost their account can never recover it because the account data was stored on their local device and hence, it is wiped once the game is uninstalled or the data is cleared.


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