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How to get Infernal Draco M4A1 Evo gun skin in Free Fire MAX this month

Garena launches a ton of skins in their flagship title Free Fire MAX and this time, they have released a new skin for M4A1 Evo. This skin is known as Infernal Draco and is one of the new legendary skins available in the game. Check out how you can get the new gun skin very easily.

Free Fire MAX has a very specific way to launch their variety of skins and some legendary skins are launched via the faded wheel event. This event is basically a roulette where players need to spin the wheel with diamonds to get several rewards.

A spin event in Free Fire is basically a normal spin in which players need to spend diamonds to rotate the wheel or indicator. When the pointer stops at a certain location, that reward is unlocked permanently. This is purely based on luck and one can not directly designate the number of spins required to unlock a special reward.


It is actually fairly simple to get this new gun skin but there is a small catch. Players need to have a ton of diamonds to unlock it. Here are simple steps on how you can get Infernal Draco M4A1 Evo skin.

  • Launch Free Fire and go to ‘Luck Royale’ section.
  • Go to the ‘Faded Wheel’ tab and then click on spin.
  • Continue to do so until you unlock the skin.

Infernal Draco skin has its own advantages that players can use in game to get an advantage. This skin has enhanced statistics with more damage and power to break gloo walls, making it very easy for players to push aggressively.

The spin starts at 19 diamonds and the price rises with each try up to a maximum of 499 diamonds for a spin. If you are lucky enough, you can unlock the set in the first few tries but ultimately, you can unlock it at the very last spin for a total cost of over 1100 diamonds.


Other rewards that are available in this spin event are as follows:

  • M4A1 – Infernal Draco
  • Dragon Bite Scan
  • 5x Raze Volcanite (MA41)
  • Painted Omen
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (Expiry date: 30 November 2022)
  • Skyline Loot Crate
  • Infernal Draco (Red) Token Box
  • Yellow Strike
  • MP40 – Bloody Gold Weapon Loot Crate
  • Cube Fragment

Complete this event to get the skin easily. Make sure to hurry up as faded wheel events have time limits and players cannot get the legendary skin after time runs out.


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