How to get free Rocker Stud Bundle in Free Fire MAX

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Free Fire MAX is a popular battle royale game developed by Garena that is available on both Android and iOS devices. One of the many in-game items that players can acquire is the Rocker Stud Bundle, which includes a variety of cosmetic items such as a backpack, headphones, and a t-shirt.

A player needs to earn certain tokens to ultimately unlock the item. Players need to earn tokens to get event items. After getting all the items, one can use them to unlock the permanent sets.

The in-game events can be used to gain tokens and it has simple missions. One has go earn close to 70 tokens to get the reward. The rewards are as follows:

Tier 1

  • Balloons – 10 Icy Breadman
  • LED Strip – 20 Icy Breadman
  • Spotlight – 20 Icy Breadman

Tier 2

  • Bass – 20 Icy Breadman
  • DJ Turntable – 30 Icy Breadman

Tier 3

  • Drum Set – 30 Icy Breadman
  • Synthesizer – 30 Icy Breadman
  • Guitar – 30 Icy Breadman

Tier 4

  • Floor Lights – 60 Icy Breadman

Tier 5

  • Snowflake Light – 80 Icy Breadman

After completing this, players can earn following rewards:

  • Rocker Skull Banner
  • Subzero theme song
  • Rocker Skull Avatar
  • Rock N Roll Motorbike
  • Rocker Stud Bundle.

By participating in events, completing missions, redeeming codes, or purchasing the bundle, players can add the Rocker Stud Bundle to their collection in Free Fire MAX. Keep an eye out for opportunities to earn the bundle for free and make sure to take advantage of them when they arise.

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