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How to fix lag and network issues in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a famous MOBA title on mobile platform and has a big userbase. This game predominately ruled among the other MOBA titles available on mobile devices but still, some issues like in-game bugs and network problems are a big thing in MLBB. The developers have already addressed such issues many times and here are some fixes you can use to fix lag and network problems in MLBB.

Similar to any other game, having a flawless internet is very important to play MLBB. As it is a mobile game, most of the users prefer the mobile data connection to play this game and hence, some networks problem arise due to unstable connection. While it is recommended to play the game on Wi-Fi connection, some in-game options can help you fix the network problems.

How to fix high ping in MLBB?

You can try the steps given below to solve the ping issues in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. These solutions can help you to stabilize the altering ping but sometimes it, might make it worse so make sure to try this solution first in classic games before jumping into ranked mode.

  • Open MLBB and go to settings. Click on the ‘Network Settings’ tab.
  • Under this section, two toggles will be present.
  • Enable the ‘Speed Mode’ and ‘Network Boost’ to upgrade the connectivity.
  • You can also go to Network Testing and clear the cache to boost the performance by a small amount.

These settings are pretty basic and if you significantly want to upgrade the network performance, we recommend you to play on a stable internet connection for best experience.

How to fix lag in MLBB?

Removing lag in any game is almost impossible as it occurs due to some shortcomings in the user’s device or the game itself. While the lag cannot be completely removed, it can be fixed to tolerable levels to have a better experience. One of the things you can try is to reinstall the game or clear the data for removing excess files.

You can also tweak the in-game settings to get an optimal performance. It is of utmost importance to understand the limits of your smartphone before changing the graphics settings. Sometimes, if you push the limits, your phone might not be able to handle it and give lags and frame drops. Adjust the settings to get the best performance.

Keep the Graphics to smooth and turn off additional features like HDR,HFR mode and shadows as well. This can help you to improve the frame rate and face less lag in MLBB.

These are the most common fixes and while most of them are pretty basic, they can definitely change your in-game experience.

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