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Heart Racing Mobile Games To Try in 2021


Mobile games have come a long way in recent times. Gone are the days where you could only play a highly pixelated Snake game. Now, you can enjoy some of the best titles from consoles and PC right on your phone or tablet. 

The Android and iOS app stores have a game for everyone, but if you are looking for action and excitement, these are the best mobile games to download to get that adrenaline rush while on the go. 

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty has been one of the most popular first-person shooters for many years, and now you can enjoy it on your phone or tablet. Released back in 2019, it allows players to enjoy many of the same weapons, maps and characters as the console and PC versions of the game. 

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The game is free to play, the controls are easy to learn, and there is an enormous player base worldwide – meaning you will never struggle to find a game. It offers the multiplayer experience, as well as a 100-player Battle Royale mode, like Warzone. 

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is one of the original Battle Royale games, as well as being one of the most popular. If you are someone who prefers realism over the more exaggerated battles like you experience during a game of Warzone or Fortnite, PUBG is for you. 

The game might not be as popular as it once was, but there is still a fairly substantial player base and the game plays really well. 

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars gained major popularity after a huge Twitch push, and the game is still played and enjoyed worldwide. Players battle against AI opponents or other players in different game modes, each having a different objective. 

You can unlock different characters, all with their own unique abilities. There is also a battle pass of sorts – a standard feature of many games nowadays. It is a fun, highly addictive and rather brilliant game that many will be surprised to know is a mobile game. 

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world game that puts you in control of a character searching a huge world for their twin. The game features many elements, most notably the fact that you can switch between characters, depending on what task you need to get done. 

The game has seen absolutely enormous success and has surpassed all expectations. It is in a typical Japanese style, with very crisp graphics and an engaging storyline. 

Mortal Kombat

If classic fighting games are more your style, then you can’t do much better than Mortal Kombat. The game is created in the same style as the console and arcade versions, as well as featuring all your favorite characters. 

The game has over 50 million downloads, gets updated regularly, and has everything that new and returning fans know and love about the classic series. The game also runs on Unreal Engine 4, meaning it performs incredibly well for a mobile game.  

Into the Dead

If you just want to shoot some zombies, Into the Dead is the game for you. The original was released back in 2012, with the sequel, Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival, being released in 2017. 

The gameplay is fairly simple but challenging. Your character is forced to move forward with zombies attacking you from the left and right. You have to kill them using a variety of weapons or dodge them to survive. Very simple, yet highly addictive with a ton of replayability.


Another fighting game on this list is the mobile version of the Injustice series. Similar to Mortal Kombat in-game style, you can choose between many comic book heroes and villains as you battle your way through the storyline. 

The game features DC characters, with many fan favorites such as Bane, Batman, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many others. Each has its own unique style of fighting, as well as its own powers and weaknesses.

FIFA Mobile

There is a no bigger name in sports games than FIFA. The football game made its way onto mobile devices back in 2016 and has been keeping football and FIFA fanatics entertained ever since. 

FIFA 20 features over 700 clubs and 17,000 players – including the Romanian Liga 1, and the Indian Super League – continuing its legacy of having the most teams and players available to choose from. 

CSR Racing

If you are more of a racing fan, CSR Racing is one of the best out there. It isn’t your typical racing game, as you don’t race around a track against multiple opponents. Instead, it is just a simple drag race. 

However, you need to perfect your timing and when to use your boosts. There is far more finesse involved than you think, and it takes a while to master– especially since there are so many cars that all perform very differently. 

There are many mobile games available for someone looking for something to play that brings the same action and excitement as their favorite console or PC game. These are only a few of them, but you are sure to find one that you won’t be able to stop playing.

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