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Free Fire OB29 Update: Release Date, New Features, and more

Garena is set to release its next global patch for Free Fire very soon. In the next OB29 patch update, a couple of new characters, a new pet, and a new rifle might be added to Free Fire. Here are some of the new additions that are spotted in the OB29 Advance server.

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game and to provide a satisfactory experience for their userbase, the developers tend to test new features before releasing them globally. This round of testing is done on the Free Fire advance server where a limited number of slots are available for selective testers.

Garena tends to add new items or features to the advance server and hence, one can easily speculate on things that might be added in the next update. Most of the new things are added but some might get skipped.

New Characters

Three new characters were added in the OB29 update of the Free Fire Advance server. The name or design of these characters is not revealed yet but some of them could be introduced in the next patch. Two characters are male and one is a female model.

More information on characters is not revealed yet but it is speculated that two characters might be revamped in this new update.

New Pet: Ninja Tiger

A new pet called Ninja Tiger is added to the game. Pets are character allies that can assist a player in multiple ways. They have active or passive abilities which can be used in matches. The ability of this new Tiger pet is not revealed yet.

New Rifle: AC80

A new marksmen rifle called AC80 is expected to come in the OB29 Update of Free Fire. This rifle has a special characteristic where two continuous shots on a target will trigger additional damage. It is efficient for mid to long-range battles.

New Mode: Craftland

Free Fire is getting its first-ever open-world building mode where players can edit and play around the map to create their own custom models. This is quite similar to Fortnite builder mode where players can tweak their in-game environment. This is currently being tested and could be available very soon on the global version.

Free Fire OB29 Update Release Date

The official release date for this new patch is not revealed yet but we can speculate some dates as per the old trends. The new update is usually pushed when in-game ranked seasons end and this time, the OB29 patch could be released on 5th August 2021.


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