Free Fire Titan Invitational Teams Announced

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Free Fire has already announced its first big tournament of this year for the Indian Region. This upcoming event is known as Free Fire Titan Invitational and several big names from the Indian Free Fire community will gather in this invitational tournament to grab the lion’s share of the ₹25,00,000 prize pool. As this tournament is approaching closer with each passing day, some of the teams are officially revealed.

Free Fire has created hype around this tournament as they never announced who will attend this big event at the very start. As time progressed, the official social media handle of Free Fire Esports India started revealing the players and rosters, one by one. With one week left for the grand opening of this event, several big names have appeared in the scene.

The first part of this big revelation was announced recently and a total of six teams have been revealed for now. This tournament will be a two-day invitational event in which twelve teams have been invited. These teams will battle out in two modes namely Clash Squad and Classic BR and each mode has its own prize pool bifurcation.

Free Fire Titan Invitational Teams:

The list of teams that have been revealed for now is as follows:

  • Marcos Gaming
  • Team Elite
  • Total Gaming
  • Noble Esports
  • Team S8UL
  • 4 Unknown
  • Team Chaos
  • Ankush Free Fire

Out of this list, six teams were revealed in a grand revelation post, and later on, two teams namely Total Gaming and Ankush Free Fire were announced. Four more teams are yet to be revealed and one can expect an announcement regarding this very soon. The entire roster for each team is given below.

Marcos Gaming:

  • MG – Aayush
  • MG – KingAmit
  • MG – Simar
  • MG – CR7
  • MG – Alex

Team Elite:

  • Jonty
  • Pahadi
  • Iconic
  • Killer
  • Taneja

4 Unknown:

  • 4UN – Undead
  • 4UN – Deadsoul
  • 4UN – Wizardo
  • 4UN – Swastik
  • 4UN – Anand

Noble Esports:

  • NBL – War3ooo
  • NBL – Mehul
  • NBL – Niku
  • NBL – Nonstop

Total Gaming:

  • TG – FozyAjay
  • TG – MafiaBala
  • TG – Javaboy
  • TG – Prince

Team Chaos:

  • TC – Scary
  • TC – Arsalan
  • TC – Techkk1m
  • Kunal JR
  • Pratham

Team S8UL:

  • S8UL_VK
  • S8UL_Martin
  • S8UL_RDP

This announcement has revealed that a famous name from the PUBG Mobile community, Mortal, is going to play a Free Fire tournament from his own competitive clan named S8UL. More details about the upcoming rosters are yet to be revealed. This tournament is going to kickstart the Free Fire esports season in 2021 and looking at the preparations one thing is certain that viewers are in for a treat.

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