Free Fire Redeem Code Region Restrictions

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Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale game which has amassed millions of player base in the last couple of years. This game was the most downloaded title for two consecutive years and some of this success is due to their flashy skins and developer support. Garena tends to award their players with free stuff on a regular basis and one of the ways to give away things is by releasing redeem codes. There are certain restrictions on Free Fire redeem code and they are mentioned below.

Redeem code is simply a string of letters and numbers which could be redeemed on the official redemption website to get freebies in Free Fire. Most of the times, these rewards are limited to some vouchers but sometimes, the developers giveaway exclusive outfits and sets through these codes.

As these codes are used to gain free things, one might not come across them on a frequent basis. The developers release redeem codes via their social media handles or in-game announcements but the timing differs for every region. Players have to wait for their turn to receive a reward.


Free Fire redeem codes have region restrictions which won’t allow players from other regions to get free items. This system is implemented because when Garena gives away such redeem codes, they have control on which region can redeem them. For example, if players from NA region have received a redeem code then players from SEA or South Asian region cannot use these codes.

If players from other areas try to use these codes, they might come across an error pop-up which says that “Failed to Redeem” due to region restrictions. Players cannot bypass this barrier as they need to submit UID before redeeming free items and if the account does not belong to a specific region, they will not get the rewards.

There is no way to redeem codes from other regions without an account which belongs to that specific region. If you want to gain free items then you need to wait patiently until Garena releases more codes which are eligible for your region as well.

The developers sometimes limit the amount of times a code can be redeemed. This means that if a certain redemption limit is reached, players can not use that code anymore. Make sure to use your redeem codes as soon as you can to avoid such kind of an error.

You can visit our Free Fire section to check if there are any eligible redeem codes released for your region.

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