Free Fire Pro League Pakistan Grand Finals: Schedule, Teams and More

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Free Fire is a popular battle royale game and has a flourishing esports scene in the Asian region. Garena organizes several events in many regions to increase the participation in competitive side of Free Fire. Free Fire Pro League Pakistan is one of these events and is a major tournament for Pakistani Free Fire Esports.

Free Fire Pro League Pakistan: Season One is a new tournament incorporated with a different format. The tournament had several stages and finally, we can witness the best-of-the-best in action in the grand finals next week. The winner of FFPL gets a seeding slot at Free Fire World Series, which is the pinnacle of Free Fire Esports.

The group stages of FFPL Pakistan ended recently and top twelve teams in this stage qualified for the grand finals. The grand finals of this tournament will be hosted on 14th March 2021 at 7PM. The teams qualified for this event are as follows:

  1. House of Blood
  2. Team TG
  3. Team Hotshot
  4. Team EG
  5. Make you cry
  6. Infinity PK
  7. Revengers
  8. Demons Pride
  9. No Chance ES
  10. Spyware
  11. WG Ghazi
  12. Eagle Gang

FFPL Pakistan Grand Finals has a total prize pool of RS 21,55,000 PKR. The prize pool of this tournament will be distributed in a descending manner with the winners taking a lion’s share of 12,00,000 PKR. The finals will be hosted in a single day.

There is a small treat for viewers as well. Players can watch this tournament and gain rewards in the process. Garena will give certain rewards after reaching a viewership milestone. You can earn the following rewards:

  • Diamond Royale Voucher at 5K Viewership. Redeemable 5,000 times.
  • AK47 Digital Assault skin at 10K Viewership. Redeemable 10,000 times.
  • AK47 Digital Assault skin at 15K Viewership. Redeemable 15,000 times.

These are the details about Free Fire Pro League Pakistan Grand Finals. Make sure to catch the action on 14th March and get freebies for watching this tournament. It will be hosted on their official YouTube channel.

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