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Free Fire September Booyah Pass: Leaked Rewards and More

Following the highly anticipated Free Fire OB41 update, Free Fire players are abuzz with excitement as leaks divulge the exclusive rewards awaiting them in the Free Fire September Booyah Pass. The leaks, which were spread through YouTube content creators, have shed light on the diverse array of rewards that players can look forward to as they traverse the ninth season’s pass.

Free Fire September Booyah Pass: Rewards

As the community eagerly anticipates the launch of the September Booyah Pass, leaked insights have surfaced, enticing players with a sneak peek into the realm of rewards. From exclusive outfits to distinctive items, the Booyah Pass promises to captivate players’ imaginations and propel their gaming experience to new heights.

The leaked information, revealed by influential YouTube creators, unveils an intricate rewards system that scales as players advance through the levels. Following are the rewards players can expect in Free Fire September  Booyah Pass.

  • Level 1: Suzy
  • Level 10: Jelly Tin Loot Box and Jelly Delight Bundle
  • Level 20: Jelly Assault Banner
  • Level 30: Jelly Monster Loot Box
  • Level 40: Monster Truck Jiggle Jelly
  • Level 50: Slimy Sleeveless Zip and Jelly Ready Bundle
  • Level 60: Jelly Assault Avatar
  • Level 70: Grenade Jelly Candy
  • Level 80: Jelly Platform Skyboard
  • Level 100: AUG Jelly Shot and 4x BP S9 Tokens
  • Level 105, 110, 115, 120, 125: 4x BP S9 Tokens
  • Level 130: Pan Jelly Cooker
  • Level 135: 4x BP S9 Tokens
  • Level 140: Melting Jelly Backpack and 4x BP S9 Tokens
  • Level 145: 4x BP S9 Tokens
  • Level 150: Pet Skin: Jelly Rockie and 12x BP S9 Tokens

How To Claim Free Fire September Booyah Pass Rewards

The journey to claim these rewards include more than just purchasing the Booyah Pass. Players must actively engage in Daily and Weekly Missions, accumulating BP EXP that acts as the fuel propelling them through the ranks. As the levels climb, the players can claim the rewards associated with those ranks.

September Booyah Pass Price

Like all other Booyah Passes, the September Booyah Pass also offers two different variations of the Booyah Pass – the premium version and the Premium Plus variant. The Premium Pass will be valued at 499 diamonds, whereas the Premium Plus Pass will be valued at 999 Diamonds. The Premium Plus Pass offers a  50-level head start and access to repeatable rewards beyond the 150th level milestone.

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