Free Fire MAX Weapon Royale Event: NightSlayer Grizzly SVD gun skin leaked

Free Fire MAX and Free Fire are known in the gaming community for their incredible bundle of skins and other cosmetic items. The developers collaborate with a lot of influential celebrities and as a result, players get a lot of skins in return. This time, Free Fire is launching a new skin to their weapon royale section named NightSlayer Grizzly SVD.

According to latest leaks, the game will be getting a new gun skin in luck royale section very soon. This skin is named as NightSlayer Grizzly SVD and will be one of the premium items available in the Free Fire MAX portfolio.


The looks of this gun are revealed by the leaker and one can see the beauty of this haunting skin in the attachment below. It certainly gives a chilly vibe to players with a grizzly bear on the centre of this skin.

This skin will be launched in the luck royale section and this means that players will have to spend a lot of diamonds to try to procure the skin. One can not easily buy this item as it will be a rare one and hard to unlock.

The leaks suggest that the launch of NightSlayer Grizzly SVD will be introduced on 2nd November as the season ends on this day. This is the only time that players get new items in luck royale section.