Free Fire Elite Pass Season 31: All You Need To Know

Free Fire is about to launch its next Elite Pass as the existing season is coming to end very soon. The next Elite Pass for Season 31 will be launched in the first week of December and this time, the leaks suggest that the pass is going to be themed or related to the Japanese culture. The seasonal pass always offers some lucrative rewards and this, the upcoming Elite Pass may live up to its expectations.

Free Fire Elite Pass is similar to a seasonal pass in any battle royale game in which players have to complete a limited set of missions for almost a complete season and subsequent rewards are offered at selective landmarks. Almost all the passes usually end at 100th level and the best reward of the season is gifted at this point.

Although the pass is common for each and every player, some can purchase a better version of this pass known as Elite Pass at a cost of 1000 diamonds and in exchange, an exclusive set of rewards is available alongside the normal items. Season 31 Battle Pass starts with a normal jacket and ends with a themed elite bundle.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 31 rewards

These are the rewards that are leaked till now, there might me some changes in the order or rewards itself when the Season Pass actually appears in the game.

  • Parang Skin – 10 Badges
  • Jeep Skin – 15 Badges
  • Themed Bag Skin
  • Elite Bundle (Male and Female)
  • Emote
  • Surfboard
  • Death Loot Crate
  • M249 Skin

The outfits and skins are basically themed in a similar way and all of them represent some kind of a monster-face in red and black colour. The best reward among these is the Elite Outfit but the Jeep skin also comes very close.

Free Fire Season 30 End Date

The Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass will end on 30th November and hence, the pass can potentially get introduced in the game on December 1 or 2. These rewards are themed very similar to each other but still, the overall seasonal pass is worth buying.

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