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Free Fire Crack the Safe: Everything you need to know

Free Fire has introduced a new event in the game with its new OB24 or Booyah Day update. The event is named “Crack the Safe” through which players can earn a free outfit bundle.


Free Fire is well-known for its ability to entertain the user base with quality content. Earlier, they collaborated with the Spanish Netflix series La Casa De Papel to introduce an exclusive month of “Money Heist” themed event. The scale of this new event is not comparable to Money Heist one, but the rewards are still something you don’t want to miss.

Crack the Safe event starts on 25th September and ends on after a week on October 4. The event has four stages or four “safe levels” which will give rewards with due course of time. As the players advance through the levels, confirmed rewards will be distributed for completing the tasks.

The very first level will be unlocked as soon as the event starts with Level 2 and 3 scheduled within the next few days. The players who can complete all these levels can unlock Level 4 Safe. You can take the help of your friends by clicking on “Get Help” and sharing your code to accumulate the number of guesses.

Here are the set of rules provided for the event:

  • Every safe will provide a clue regarding the range of the code.
  • After you enter your guess, if it is incorrect, the clue’s range will be narrowed.
  • Subsequent guesses will be limited to the new range only.
  • The 4th Safe is a Secret Safe, which can only be revealed when 3 friends enter your Secret Code in-game.

The event provides you with some number of guesses. After wasting one guess, the clue given above is narrowed down to a large extent. The guesses can also be earnt by playing games. Follow the rules given above and you can easily earn the outfits at the end of this event.

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