Free Fire and Cristiano Ronaldo collaboration might be confirmed

New report suggests that the rumored collaboration between Free Fire and Cristiano Ronaldo is confirmed. A new character based on CR7 will be introduced in the game with the next update.

Credits: Free Fire News

Free Fire is the multiplayer battle-royale game which is a global phenomenon with player base ranging in millions. The game has already collaborated with several big names around the world and even brought some of them in their virtual battleground as an exclusive character. Recently the soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo was leaked to get introduced in to the game and a new report has stated that the leaks were true.

Free Fire & CR7 Collaboration

According to Free Fire News, the partnership between CR7 and Free Fire has been confirmed as the game banner within Free Fire has displayed a new poster with a character looking exactly like the Cristiano Ronaldo. They have mentioned that the information was released in the game itself, through the game update banners.

The new character has not been revealed yet but several leaks have already created a strong portfolio about the upcoming character. Free Fire dataminers dug up the game files from the upcoming update which had revealed a possibility of a collaboration between Free Fire and Cristiano Ronaldo. The dataminers have found various cosmetic items related to Ronaldo, as well as an emote with the name Sii and the description, “Envy of my movements?”

Furthermore, apart from the aforementioned stuff, another sentence has been found by the dataminers on the Advanced Server OB25 server saying, “Global Partnership With Cristiano Ronaldo.” The latest information also reveals details about the new ability that the CR7 based character can have.

The skill is named as Chrono Skill (CR7) and its description is as follows, “[It] Creates a force field that blocks 500 damage from enemies. Movement speed increases by 40%. During the skill activation period, allies in the force field receive a 40% speed bonus. Lasts 10s. 40s cooldown.”

The ability is pretty much self explanatory and a few changes might be seen before the game releases this character with its next global update. This partnership will be one of the biggest collaboration by Free Fire till date.