COD Mobile may get Nuketown from Black Ops 4 in the Season 13 update

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Call of Duty: Mobile is a blend of famous titles from the Call of Duty franchise and as a result, several elements from various titles are mixed inside a single game making it a portable bundle of COD in the mobile gaming market. These elements refer to several features, skins, models, guns and maps and with the next season right around the corner, a new map is getting added to the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile will begin its thirteenth season around the middle of December and similar to any other title, each season is stacked with a new seasonal update which changes the look of the game alongside some feature tweaks, event upgrades and new additions.

The COD Mobile Season 13 update is right around the corner and similar to each update, the official Call of Duty: Mobile social media handle has started to drop hints and leaks on what the next update could be. The most recent hint we saw suggests that a new map is getting added with the next update and leaks suggest that it is going to be a winter-themed version of Nuketown.

Nuketown is one of the most popular map in the entire Call of Duty universe and its various iterations have been introduced in several titles till date. The map was also added in the latest COD title Black Ops Cold War and a snow-laden version of Nuketown can be introduced in the next COD Mobile update.

Details regarding the next season or its update are not officially provided till date and it is speculated that COD Mobile Season 13 will start on December 18th. The game already has a traditional version of Nuketown hence it will be interesting to see how this new map will be added to the game or if the old one is replaced with a newer themed version for the Winter update.