BGMI Rising Launch Party 2023: Winners, And Overall Standings, MVP


The BGMI Rising Grand Finals recently took place, showcasing intense competition and culminating in an exhilarating victory for Team Rebel. The tournament reached its climax with a nail-biting finish, as the top teams fought fiercely, separated by a mere seven-point margin. Spanning four days of action-packed gameplay, this event featured 64 Influencer-led teams vying for glory across three stages of fierce battles.

Team Rebel Emerges Victorious

After an intense battle, Team Rebel emerged as the triumphant squad in the BGMI Rising Grand Finals. The team showcased exceptional skill and teamwork, securing their place at the pinnacle of the tournament. Their unwavering determination and strategic gameplay led them to claim the highly coveted title.

Standout Performances by Team Jonathan and Team Owais

Team Jonathan and Team Owais delivered exceptional performances, solidifying their positions as the second and third best teams, respectively. Their dedication, skill, and tactical prowess were evident throughout the tournament, earning them well-deserved recognition and accolades.

Impressive Achievements of Team RIPFlickYT, Team PUNKK, and Team Sensei

Team RIPFlickYT displayed remarkable tenacity by securing the fifth position in the Grand Finals, despite not clinching a single Chicken Dinner. Their consistent performance and ability to thrive under pressure earned them widespread admiration. Meanwhile, Team PUNKK and Team Sensei claimed the sixth and seventh positions, showcasing their competitive spirit and gaming prowess.

Early Eliminations of Team Mortal, Team Ghatak, and Team Scout

Unfortunately, some notable streamer squads experienced early eliminations in the tournament. Team Mortal, Team Ghatak, and Team Scout were unable to advance beyond the first stage, bringing their journey in the BGMI Rising Grand Finals to an end. Although faced with early exits, their contributions to the competitive scene are undeniably significant.

Unveiling the Magnificent Prize Pool

The BGMI Rising Launch Party boasted an impressive prize pool of ₹10,00,000. Among the total prize money, ₹5,00,000 were allocated to the teams securing podium finishes, while the remaining amount was distributed among individual award categories and other commendable achievements.

Rewarding the Champions: Team Rebel

As the crowned champions, Team Rebel received a substantial reward of ₹2,50,000. Their remarkable performance throughout the tournament warranted this prestigious recognition, cementing their position as the top contenders in the BGMI Rising Grand Finals.

Triumph and Recognition for Team Jonathan and Team Owais

Team Jonathan, the runners-up in the Grand Finals, claimed a noteworthy prize of ₹1,50,000 for their outstanding gameplay and strategic execution. Meanwhile, Team Owais, securing the third position, took home a well-deserved ₹1,00,000 in recognition of their remarkable achievements in the tournament.

Special Awards for Unique Contributions

In addition to the top placements, several special awards were presented to teams showcasing exceptional talent and distinctive skills. Team Red Parasite claimed the title of Fashionista, awarded for having the Best Outfit in Semi 32 teams, earning a grand reward of ₹50,00,00. On the other hand, Team Classified YT was declared the Emotes King, having the Most Liked Emotes Reel, and received a cash prize of ₹50,000. Team Payal demonstrated their mastery of emote usage and earned the title of Emotes Queen, along with a cash prize of ₹50,000.

The Remarkable MVP and Outstanding Performances

Justin from Team Pahadi showcased extraordinary gameplay throughout the tournament and was crowned the Most Valuable Player (MVP). His remarkable skills and contributions earned him a well-deserved reward of ₹50,000. Although his team couldn’t maintain the same level of performance in the BGMI Rising Finals, Justin’s individual achievements stood out as a testament to his exceptional abilities.

The BGMI Rising Launch Party 2023 was a thrilling spectacle filled with fierce battles, extraordinary performances, and well-deserved rewards. Teams like Team Rebel, Team Jonathan, and Team Owais showcased their exceptional skills, leaving a lasting impact on the competitive BGMI scene. As the event came to a close, players and fans alike were left with unforgettable memories and anticipation for future tournaments.

Cover Photo Via: GodLike Esports.

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