BGMI 1.8 Update: All New features coming into the game

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The new BGMI 1.8 update is scheduled to release today and the players are excited to get their hands on the latest update in the game. The same update will be available to the global version of the game. The BGMI 1.8 update will have new events along with major in-game changes, read our complete article to know the complete details.

In a recent post, Krafton said, “Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans, We are truly excited to bring the January update to you! Here’s the schedule for the distribution of the January Update version on January 14th. Please note that there is a difference in the distribution time for each platform (AOS/iOS) as shown in the schedule below.”

BGMI 1.8 Update release time

  • AOS (Google Playstore) : January 14 (Fri) 12:30 IST to January 14 (Fri) 20:00 IST
  • iOS (Apple App Store) : January 14 (Fri) 16:30 IST 
    • The developers recommend installing in a wi-fi environment if possible when updating as lots of mobile data can be consumed.
    • The developers will notify you if the distribution gets delayed or completed early. 

BGMI 1.8 Update

The hall screen UI is going through an update where new choices are likewise getting executed, like the Unranked variants, all things considered. Additionally, the choice to choose modes has been moved to the upper screen area for better accessibility.

Another matchmaking framework has been introduced with the 1.8 updates that will restrict players who are at Diamond level or above to matchmake with the ensuing two levels as it were. That implies diamond players can matchmake with players up to Ace level and not above. To matchmake with players who are in Ace Master, you should keep a base level position of Crown. Players who are Platinum and beneath can matchmake among themselves without any limitations.

The major interactivity change coming next season is the option to revive teammates’ underwater partners. Players will no longer face instant death after getting knocked on water. Indeed, even in took out state, they can swim to the shore without help from anyone else or get conveyed by colleagues.

The game will present a Spider-Man: No Way Home themed mode in exemplary coordinates because of its fresh out of the plastic new joint effort with Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most recent portion – Spider-Man: No Way Home. In any case, the specific ongoing interaction subtleties of this themed mode have not been uncovered at this point. The themed mode will come to both Erangel and Livik positioned exemplary matches.

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