3 Reasons Why the AKM is Not the Best AR in BGMI

AKM Is Overrated in BGMI

The AKM is a weapon that generates a lot of buzz among Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players due to its high damage output and its reputation as a top-tier assault rifle. However, it’s not always the automatic choice that it’s made out to be, especially for novices in the game. The complexities of mastering the AKM have led many to consider it an overrated weapon. This article aims to shed light on why this is the case and provide insights on how to make the most of the AKM​.

3 Reasons Why the AKM Is Not as Good as You Think

Slow Firing Rate

Despite its impressive statistics, the AKM falls short in its firing rate compared to other assault rifles. It has a firing rate of 600 rounds per minute, which means it can empty its magazine in just three seconds without an extended mag. This slower firing rate adds pressure to ensure each bullet connects with the enemy, especially in high-intensity close-quarter battles​.

However, the AKM is not without its redeeming qualities. By adding a compensator to the gun, players can improve its performance. More bullets will hit the target, enabling even beginners to take down opponents before emptying their magazines. This adjustment can enhance the AKM’s effectiveness, making it a potent weapon in the right hands​​.

Limited Long-Range Effectiveness

While it might be tempting to use the AKM as a long-range weapon, this is not its strongest suit. Although players can attach a 4x scope, the AKM’s average bullet speed and high bullet drop make it a challenging choice for long-range gunfights. Predicting where your shots will land with the gun’s auto-firing mode over a vast range can be a daunting task, even for seasoned players​​.

The high bullet drop and the gun’s tight recoil pattern make it hard to land headshots on moving targets at a distance. However, players can mitigate this issue by using the burst-firing mode. This requires tapping every time to shoot, but it can serve as a makeshift sniper rifle in long-range encounters​.

Unpredictable Recoil Pattern

A major gripe many players have with the AKM is its unpredictable recoil pattern. This makes the weapon difficult to control, particularly for beginners, and can cause problems even in mid-range encounters. The challenge of spraying with the AKM in BGMI is one aspect that contributes to its overrated status​​.

Fortunately, certain attachments can help tackle this issue. The compensator, as mentioned earlier, can stabilize the gun significantly. In addition, the extended quickdraw mag and red dot can markedly enhance the weapon’s performance, helping players to better manage the AKM’s recoil​​.

The AKM’s high damage output and formidable reputation have led to its status as a sought-after weapon in BGMI. However, its drawbacks, including a slow firing rate, limited long-range effectiveness, and unpredictable recoil, contribute to its being considered overrated. By understanding these limitations and leveraging attachments to enhance its performance, players can truly harness the power of the AKM in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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